Lego-Like Modular Platform:

A truly Lego®-like modular microfluidics platform”,

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Kevin Vittayarukskul and Abraham Phillip Lee


Dr. Abraham Lee, a CADMIM mentor, developed a snap-in-place modular microfluidic platform. Reagants, channels, inlets, outlets, and limitless future components can be seamlessly connected. Currently, this platform is not commercially available.

This design addresses the needs of novel chip prototyping. The CADMINNIES platform, however, is intended to specifically increase efficiency in high throughput applications. 












Multiflux (TM):

The Dolomite Centre Ltd

The Multiflux (TM) design is an effective connector between microfluidic interfaces. The design does not, however, address the need for modulating front-to-back-end flow rate.

This is necessary due to the front-end chip providing two orders of magnitude more droplets than can be processed by the back-end chip. The CADMINNIES design employs an Eppendorf reservoir for this purpose.

The CADMINNIES design is also focused on ease-of-use for inexperienced technicians. Whereas Multiflux(TM) allows for endless chip designs, CADMINNIES defines the chip size, inlet/outlet parameters, and layout which limits the need for user experience.