Hailing from the University of California, Irvine, the CADMINNIES are set on developing a modular microfluidic platform to enhance efficiency of microfluidic technology. Such improvements will rapidly advance methods of diagnosis for applications such as cancer and clinical trials.

Ian Elliott – Team Leader

I am a biomedical engineering student from San Diego, CA. I help organize the brilliant minds in our team and ensure that the skills of the team are effectively placed. I intend to work as a Sales or Project Engineer in Colorado.

Jason Cheap – Manufacturing Engineer 

As a biomedical engineering student from Northern California, moving to beautiful orange county to pursue my passion of working in the biomedical industry has been a dream come true. Acting as the manufacturing engineer for the project has help allowed me to get hands-on experience with fabricating and manufacturing for an unmet medical need. Soon I will be graduating and looking to continue making impacts in the medical industry through my engineering work.

Jennifer Hur – Business and Marketing Lead

I’m a biomedical engineering major from Anaheim, California. Working with the rest of the CADMINNINES, I handle matters regarding business and marketing. Upon graduation, I hope to use my newfound skills in the medical field.

Abdus Sami Khan – 

My role in the team is the lead designer: I deal with the concepts behind the device’s structure and function and translate those into 3D models and 2D designs ready for production. Upon graduating from university, I plan to go into industry and use my skills to develop new and improved medical devices. 

Aditya Kumar – 

I’m a biomedical engineering major from Thousand Oaks, California. I love working with the CADMINNIES because we feel like a family together. We have been able to combine our minds to make something truly extraordinary. I’m glad to be contributing with my using COMSOL Multiphysics software to simulate fluid flow in the device. I hope to some day end up working as an engineer at a biomedical company passionate in advancing healthcare.

Clare Pierce – Materials Science Engineer

I’m a materials science and engineering major from Petaluma, California. I’ve really enjoyed working with the CADMINNIES team on this project as the materials researcher. I’ve been able to learn a lot from my mentors and peers and I hope to take that with me as I pursue materials science in industry.